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Elevar Art Gallery

On August 5th, we held our inaugural Art Gallery Show. Hosted in the lobby and garage areas of our headquarters in Queensgate, we gathered for an evening of art and music. Staff, friends, and family were invited to show their original works which will remain on display through early September. A wide variety of media was featured in this group show including painting, drawing, print-making, sculpture, knitwear, video art and photography. The show also included the Recycling Phoenix, co-sculpted by renowned sculptors Tom Tsuchiya and Gina Erardi, a live 3D-printer demonstration, interactive mural painting for visitors, and live music provided by Jorge Rivera (Jordi).

Elevar Gallery will feature a rotating series of pop-up art events, group shows, and solo exhibitions as a way to engage with the local arts community. Our mission is to showcase and support artists and creatives, always keeping artistic expression at the forefront of our daily lives and interaction with our clients. We thank everyone who attended and participated in the display and cannot wait for our next gallery event.

Click here for our full album of this event!

Watch a video clip of the event here