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Hoxworth Blood Drive


We were so excited to be able to host our 2nd Hoxworth Blood Drive at Elevar’s headquarters on June 8th! After having to sit out a year due to the pandemic, it felt amazing to be able to give again to this important cause in a safe and welcoming environment!

Each day, Hoxworth must collect at least nearly 500 units of blood and platelets to keep up with their demand in the Tri-State area. The donations range from use in the treatment of traumatic injuries to elective surgeries in 30 different medical facilities across the region. Three lives can be saved with each whole blood donation. With a drop in donations due to Covid, Hoxworth found themselves in even greater need than they were pre-pandemic. ­

The Hoxworth Donor Bus came down to Queensgate this week to collect some much needed donations. With COVID protocols in place, Hoxworth was able to receive 23 blood donations from our staff and friends who attended. Congrats to staff member Jake Thamann and Elevar visitor Elliot Polsky who won the raffles for a $50 Amazon Gift Card!