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Elevar Design Group is hiring! We are looking for someone awesome to fill the role of Client Manager/Project Manager. If any of these sound like a good fit, please send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio to careers@elevar.com.

1. Client Manager/Project Manager

As a Client/Project Manager your primary role will be to lead a multi-disciplinary team on several projects for one or more of our clients on corporate term contracts.  You will take on a leadership role to develop fee proposals, generate project execution plans, facilitate the Elevar design team and consultants, be hands-on with the design team in developing designs and deliverables, and maintain project information in our management database.  Additionally, you will lead client interactions for Elevar by maintaining client communications, coordinating client scope and logistical needs, and ensuring that deliverables meet expectations.  Client Managers and Project Managers at Elevar also contribute internally through continuous improvement cohorts and team member mentorship

Skills and Qualifications