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Repair Affair

As a firm, we believe that staying connected to our surrounding communities is what drives our passion and commitment. At Elevar, our focus has always been on people and our relationships. By lending a hand to purposeful organizations and folks in need of assistance, we fill our cups knowing that we helped to make a difference in someone’s life.


It is an annual tradition for Elevar to team with People Working Cooperatively , helping to provide critical home maintenance and repairs for people in need. As one of the largest volunteer corps in the region, PWC helps residents remain independent and healthy in their homes.


It only makes sense that a group of designers and engineers break out their toolboxes to put their home repair skills to work! This past weekend, we gathered on a muggy spring morning for the Repair Affair event. We mowed grass and hauled away debris and unwanted items. Thanks to Renee and Herb Sothard for the use of their trailer!

We had a great time working together and can’t wait for Prepare Affair in the fall!