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Using evidence-based knowledge to promote meaningful design achieves the best possible outcomes for our clients. By basing our solutions on scientific research, we are able to employ thoughtful solutions to the built environment. Recently, two Elevar senior staff members earned their WELL AP accreditation. Through rigorous study and training, Regan Henry, RA, PhD, LEED AP, LSSBB (Senior Architect) and Dara Baldridge, IIDA, LEED AP (Senior Interior Designer) proved their commitment to advancing human health through design by adding WELL AP to their credentials. Henry and Baldrige join the ranks of over 8,000 accredited WELL APs across the globe.

These two Elevar women earned this esteemed global certification through the International Well Building Institute (IWBI™). The program examines how, as humans, we can intentionally design spaces that promote physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Concepts of air, water, nourishment, light, thermal comfort, materials, movement, sound, mind, and community shape the WELL AP curriculum. In these conceptual realms, our designers studied the scientific research behind how each affects our health and wellbeing. 

How We Can Make an Impact

“We are learning so much about the ‘bad’ we have done in the last few decades with regard to carcinogens in the atmosphere and our building materials. Now that scientific research has made us more aware, the question is what decisions are we as an industry going to make to protect our communities from harm and exposure to toxins. I foresee a huge pivot in mindset with the next generation of newly educated consumers coming into the marketplace,” states Regan Henry.

According to IWBI™, almost 24,000 projects across the planet, in 99 countries, are applying the WELL Building Standard.

With 90% of our time spent indoors and a sedentary lifestyle on the rise, I’m always searching for the most holistic solutions for our clients. LEED and WELL complement each other and help ensure the better outcomes for both people and planet.” says Dara Baldridge.

Elevar is proud to offer our clients guidance around WELL AP initiatives and certification process. Together we hope to build a healthier future for ourselves and our children.