(Y)our Community Art Show
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(Y)our Community Art Show


On April 7th, Elevar Gallery hosted the “(Y)our Community” group art show and fundraising event for local nonprofit organization BLOC Ministries. Curated by Nick Mason and held in the lobby of the Elevar Design Group headquarters, the show featured art from 13 local artists, live music, light snacks and drinks. Various media were represented, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, a quilt, and a short film. The exhibition will be on display and open to the public until June 1st. You can reach out to Nick Mason to inquire about scheduling a tour or to purchase artwork:  (859) 638-0795 or nmason@elevar.com.

(Y)our Community is a fundraising event for our neighbors, the local nonprofit organization BLOC Ministries, with 15% of sales of artwork being directly donated to BLOC, whose mission is “building relationships with our neighbors and sharing hope in brokenness.” Folks may also make a donation of any amount to BLOC Ministries by . BLOC Ministries is in its 25th year of operation in our neighborhood directly impacting at-risk youth, victims of sex-trafficking and addiction, and the immigrant community, building a support system where one is so desperately needed.

Featured Artists:
Cedric Michael Cox, Tom Tsuchiya, Orphans Inc, Andrea Sabugo, Adriana Noritz, Anissa Pulcheon, Sammi Jones, Michael Everett, Andy Knolle, Sara Kollig, Amber East, Mike Altman, John Jemail, Sarah Fay, Bryn Hastings, Hannah Patillo, Dia Huggins

Music by:

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